Companies and brands that participated in the global humiliation of Amber Heard


MTV gave Johnny Depp a platform by inviting him to make an appearance the VMAs. The network chose to continue its history of platforming violent men, contributing to the ongoing smear campaign against Amber Heard and ignoring ample evidence that she was abused. This was a callous attempt to improve their ratings at the expense of survivors.

Milani Cosmetics

Milani Cosmetics, a makeup brand, made a TikTok video suggesting Amber is a liar after their product was used as a prop in the trial. This encouraged millions of people to participate in the smear campaign against her.

In her testimony, Amber stated that the Milani Cosmetics product was not the one she used but a prop to explain color correcting. The brand has been blocking anyone who calls them out.


Dior kept working with Johnny Depp even after a High Court ruled that he was found to have abused Amber Heard by the Civil Standard in 2020, which has not been overturned.


Duolingo, a language learning app, made a ‘joke’ under a TikTok video of Amber Heard testifying. The employee who commented apologized from her own Twitter account. However, the brand never made a statement or apologized.


Dozens of Etsy shops are exploiting a DV survivor for profit. They use pictures of her crying while recalling her trauma, parts of her rape testimony, and ridiculing her. Etsy has done nothing about it.


A period product brand, August, posted a video on their TikTok account where they used a trial that involved domestic violence and sexual assault to joke and attract customers. Months later, August Co-Founder Nadya Okamoto issued an apology on TikTok.


Starbucks stores all over the world placed tip jars labeled “Johnny Depp” and “Amber Heard,” encouraging their customers to ‘vote,’ usually decorating Depp’s jar with hearts, and some even wrote “Justice for Johnny.”

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts also used a trial that included domestic violence and sexual assault to appeal to customers.

Bad Monday

“Bad Monday,” a clothing brand, is selling a t-shirt writing “My Dog Stepped on a Bee,” which is part of Amber’s sexual assault testimony. The person modeling the t-shirt is also mocking Amber’s facial expressions.

Medieval Torture Museum

The “Medieval Torture Museum” posted a picture of Amber on their Facebook page, writing, “When you learned how lies were punished in the Middle Ages”

Hollywood Horror Museum

“Hollywood Horror Museum” participated in the smear campaign against Amber as well. When they received criticism about it, they acknowledged that what they did is “gross and offensive”, but they still kept ridiculing a DV survivor.

Rock City Cake Company

A cake shop called ‘Rock City Cake Company’ made some questionable pastries called “Amber Turds” with Amber Heard’s face on them.

Dessert Boxes

Australian bakery "Dessert Boxes" made a hand-shaped cake for Amber. They cut the "finger" using a vodka bottle they included in the box. The bakery said, "We'll cut off the finger with a vodka bottle, throw that in for her, too."


Lidl, one of the biggest supermarket chains in Europe, mocked Amber Heard in a recent German ad.


Amber Heard said in an interview that Johnny Depp is such a good actor that he managed to convince people that a fictional character he played had scissors for hands. Redbox made a tweet to mock her about it.


The app BitLife included “Amber Heard” as an answer to the question of who could be considered “creepy and manipulative.”

Concert Crap

A popular concert-related page, Concert Crap, used pictures of Amber Heard testifying about being raped to make a ‘joke’ on how it feels when their favorite band is on tour and skips their country.

Dr. Barbara Strum

Luxury and celebrity favourite skincare brand “Dr. Barbara Strum”, is owned by Barbara Strum, who is married to Adam Waldman, the lawyer who worked for Johnny Depp and created the smear campaign against Amber Heard.

The Abusive Pile-On

Multiple coffee shops and restaurants participated in the “Heard” vs “Depp” tip jars.

Tattoo shops and artists also participated in the global humiliation of Amber Heard.

Many businesses and shops put up signs saying, “Amber Heard is not welcome here.”

Little Darlings

Little Darlings, a Las Vegas strip club, made a billboard suggesting Amber Heard should audition since she “Needs to earn $10.000.000” to pay her abuser.

Trigger Warning: SA

Twisted Fantasies

Major trigger warning for sexual assault: An adult sex toy retailer, "Twisted Fantasies” created a liquor bottle-shaped Dildo after Amber Heard’s rape.