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Did YOU watch the trial?


If you post anything remotely not pro-Depp, you'll hear the million-dollar question: "um, did you even watch the trial??"

In response we must ask, did YOU watch the trial?

Because if you did then...

You saw Depp's tampered-with train photo and the fact he already had the eye "mark" before even getting on the train where he alleges to have received said "black eye."

You heard Amber telling Depp to "go put your fucking cigarettes out on someone else."

You heard Depp say "I headbutted you in the fucking forehead."

You heard Depp yelling at Amber, telling her not to be "authoritative" with him when she simply tried to set a boundary.

You heard some of Depp's own witnesses say they saw Amber's injuries in person.

You heard a make-up artist testify she covered up injuries to Amber's face.

You heard the witnesses testifying that Amber was abused by Depp.

You heard him admit "I'm talking about Australia, the day I chopped my finger off."

You heard these vile texts, that were sent before he even married her, read out loud.

You heard Depp testify that his children didn't like Amber and then later heard an email to Elton John that contradicts this statement. You also heard him refer to the mother of his kids as an "ex c*nt" who he said would turn them against Amber.

You saw texts from Depp saying he hoped Amber's body was decomposing in the back of a Honda Civic.

You saw some of Amber's injuries with your own two eyes.

You saw Johnny Depp smashing up his kitchen in a rage, displaying abusive and scary behavior.

You heard audio of Amber saying "after you beat the shit out of me," which Depp does not deny.

You heard audio of Amber shouting "get off! Get off me!"

You heard audio of Johnny admitting just how "irrational" and "crazy" he becomes when she's doing movies.

You heard Laurel Anderson testify that Amber "gave as good as she got" and "hit BACK."

You saw the text where Johnny says that Amber is "begging for total global humiliation" and that she was "going to get it."

You heard documented contemporaneous evidence from multiple medical professionals between 2012-2016 of Depp's abuse towards Amber that was objected to or excluded from the trial.

Dr. Laurel Anderson

Dr. David Kipper

Nurse Debbie Lloyd and Nurse Erin Boerum Falati

Dr. Amy Banks and Dr. Connell Cowan

Dr. Bonnie Jacobs

If you watched the trial, then you saw all of thatand more. If you came to the conclusion Depp was innocent, you just decided to ignore it.